Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reference Time!!!

So the last time Katherine and I met up I mentioned a reference or two that are sources of inspiration for certain aspects of my senior project. In response Katherine said that would be something valuable to blog about. sooooo... here goes, a couple of links to different media that in some way shape or form has inspired my creative process for my senior thesis project. enjoy, and check back in the future for more links.

Shooting technique inspirations:

in addition to the previously referenced Jacob's Ladder, two other movies have helped me to come up with certain ways of shooting/ editing my video piece.
1st off is the recent Lars Van Trier Movie Antichrist:
The movie Antichrist is split into multiple chapters, including a prologue and an epilogue, book ending the whole movie. The super slow motion playback of the epilogue and prologue have been inspirational to me and a technique I am currently applying to my piece. I feel the slow motion playback helps to intensify the movie's very heavy and grim content through a beautiful flowing manner and is a techniques I also am utilizing for the same reasons.

The Next reference I am going to focus on is from particular scenes from the film A Haunting in Connecticut. The image at the beginning of this post is a still image from one particular scene that I drew inspiration from and I have also attached a link to the trailer for the Movie below:
Starting at approximately 38 sec. into the clip, you will see a moving example of the "ectoplasm" special effect depicted in the still at the beginning of this post that has had direct inspiration on the way that I wish to convey an explosive stream of organic shapes escaping through my main characters head. This effect I wish to apply to my piece will be meant to symbolize the release of negative elements, originating from the protagonists mind.

Plot inspirations:

The story entitled "Passage for Trumpet" was a 1960 episode from the series, The Twilight Zone:
The inspiration that I drew from this episode in particular was how the main plot revolved around a jaded individual flung into an atmosphere where he was completely different and detached from any other individual residing in there (to be specific, he was walking around alive in a world populated completely by dead people ). This plot device of secluding the main character is similar to the feeling of seclusion, loneliness and despair that I want to be conveyed for the world in which my main character in the piece finds himself.

Animation and motion Technique Inspirations:

The first reference that I have drawn inspiration for the piece, and many of my past works, are illustrations by the artist Derek Hess:
Despite Hess' work being still images, I find that his treatment of line work creates a sense of fluid movement. For myself, I find that the style in which Hess creates his still works has very important elements that will add to the sense of fluid motion I wish to create with the motion graphic/ special effect elements contained in my piece.

And last but not least, the animated feature length master piece AKIRA directed by Katsuhiro Otomo has countless examples of amazing animated scenes emphasizing interesting visual depictions of movement ranging from smoke clouds to amorphous explosions of energy.
The technique in which an explosion for example is meticulously recreated through animation is inspirational to me in trying to create a beautiful motion graphic/ special effects that depict mundane objects and explosions as beautiful aesthetic moving imagery, adding to the desired atmosphere and overall feel of the piece.

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