Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Video mixer Test 2

So yesterday I had my second test with the use of a video mixer, this time with the proper cables as well as a manual to assist my progress. out of all the things that I learned from using the manual was that this video mixer was not intended to do what I wanted it to do.... sadly. time for new ideas I guess. neways here is a vid of what I did get. oh and also, that last screen I focus in on is the control panel that shows the functions of the mixer.

vid mixer test 2 vid

Monday, March 29, 2010

yay blogger let me upload images today

These are the screen shots of my first video mixer test attempt that I talked about in the previous blog post. From this first attempt, you can see that I was able to get multiple mirrors of the same video output onto both a television and projection. The problem is, this is kind of the opposite of what I am attempting to do. as you can see in slides 2 and 3, the two separate screens are actually a mix of two video feeds, instead of what I was going for which was getting one to two video inputs to be spaced out as I wanted between the two instead of identically mirrored. I could go into more detail of the varied results I got from this first attempt, but instead I think I will focus more on my progress with using the video mixer in my next post which will show the results of my second attempt.

Video Mixer Test uno

I don't know whats blogger problem, but it is not letting me upload images. I guess I'll still explain briefly how my use of a video mixer for my project went this weekend. Because of one big hangup, I did not get to accomplish too much... the hangup was that the manual for the mixer did not come with it, so I was kinda testing stuff out blindly throughout the weekend. In addition, I was one cable short of being able to hookup to video output from a single source. But with some finessing, I was able to get some results. The pictures I was attempting to post were screens of two looping test videos fading between a television and a projector via the video mixer. check back soon for some image documentation.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Creative Progress

So yesterday in my meeting with Katherine, I mentioned that I had some creative Ideas for effects to add to that flowing black stuff seen in some of my previous posts that involved adding in green screened hands reaching out and grasping among other things. Sooo, she said post it, and that what I'm doing =). Above is just screen shots of the original greenscreen footage and then some screen shots of me ploping into one of my project files in after effects and color keying it to fit. The export is taking longer then expected, so I decided to tenatively just post some still images while the computer exports the files. Also, when creating this effect, I found the hand to be slightly reminiscent of something Ive seen before. and when I thought about it, it turns out the look of this "hand effect" looks a lot like a movie poster for something I blogged about previously, the film antichrist. I guess maybe subconsciously thats where a bit of the inspiration came from. For you viewing pleasure I have posted an image of the poster below. Until tomm (when I post some installation testing footage) byes.

Tech Progress

So yesterday I finally rented a video mixer and started hooking it up to the setup I posted about earlier to hopefully help split my video the way that I originally envisioned. One thing came up though... instead of being able to mix VGA signals (IE what input/ out put most computer monitors have) the mixer actually works with composite input out puts (IE what older televisions and standard def. DVD players and gaming systems use). Luckily though this doesn't create too much of a problem for me, since I originally wanted to use standard def televisions, and I just so happen to have a couple set up already in my living room (see above) and also my projector have both composite and VGA hookups, so that shouldn't be a problem. I have all the equipment up and running and by tomm. I will have a post showing the results along with some video of this latest instantiation. fingers crossed all goes well.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

transistion test 1

I hastily posted this video yesterday without any explanation about what it is so let me do that. This transition test is a ruff video of how I plan to transition the beginning and end of my video loops along with starting the loops possibly in different areas of my installation space without just cutting the feed abruptly. neways click the link below and enjoy.
link to vid

Thursday, March 11, 2010

progress with installation testing. yay

So recently I started testing out syncing up the content for my piece through its intended medium; monitors and projections workings in conjunction with each other. This first test that I will be discussing is at heart not truely how I would like my final piece to function, but none the less I wanted to implement some of my video to start off with. The reason why I say its not truely functioning as my final piece will, besides the video put in for now just acting as a ruff filler, is because the two video signals are coming from two seperate sources; a dvd player and a laptop computer instead of one source, as explained in the picture posted below:

That being said, I feel pretty good about how it turned out, as far as tests/ruff cuts go. I guess that technically this could also be called my first real real physical instantiation... which I think I'm spelling correctly. anyways, if your interested, the link below is a quick video of what this installation ruff cut thingy looked like.

Video Installation test clip #1