Thursday, March 11, 2010

progress with installation testing. yay

So recently I started testing out syncing up the content for my piece through its intended medium; monitors and projections workings in conjunction with each other. This first test that I will be discussing is at heart not truely how I would like my final piece to function, but none the less I wanted to implement some of my video to start off with. The reason why I say its not truely functioning as my final piece will, besides the video put in for now just acting as a ruff filler, is because the two video signals are coming from two seperate sources; a dvd player and a laptop computer instead of one source, as explained in the picture posted below:

That being said, I feel pretty good about how it turned out, as far as tests/ruff cuts go. I guess that technically this could also be called my first real real physical instantiation... which I think I'm spelling correctly. anyways, if your interested, the link below is a quick video of what this installation ruff cut thingy looked like.

Video Installation test clip #1

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