Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video Postings

After a sleepless night, I now have an 11 minute video that I think is sizable and interesting enough to loop for my video installation. Of course I will keep tweaking the video up until showtime, since there's always room for improvement, but this video posted below is pretty much 95% what I envision for my installations final visual content. I started up with the audio, but for today I am running up on time, so as well as the full 11 minute video (with no sounds) I have also posted another link which is the first 1/3rd of the video, with sound. Both files are pretty big, so I would say command clicking and saving them instead of streaming off the web is suggested. The two links can be found right below, thanks 4 watching.

Video #1
resolution= 320 x 240 (15fps)
length= 11min 11sec
file size= 30MB
audio= no

Video #2
resolution= 720 x 480 (30fps)
length= 3min 45sec
file size= 70MB
audio= yes

Monday, April 26, 2010

checking in

sorry for those of you who may actually check my senior studio blog, but Ive been working on the final video for the upcoming senior show on the 30th and haven't been posting much. If your interested (or katherine) by Tuesday morning I should have a pretty large (file size wise) but polished video posted to this blog, but in the meantime I've just been burning the midnight oil getting my video completed. I know posting progress its pretty crucial, but at this point in the game my main priority is finishing my project by the time the show comes around.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SOURCE (big file best to right click and save as)
LIVE (offset alignment in projection because of limited testing space, also large video file and probably best to right click save as well)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Final instal setup up ruff with mock sound


Bought Some materials today

Since Im doing a rear projection with a frame in front of it, I got the frame, black paint and hanging implements today to start setting up my final installation of the project but held off on the PVC and screen material because after talking Adam he told me about a good place to go by white spandex by the sheet for a good price (a material that will not wrinkle as much as shower curtains or white sheets and produces a very nice projection surface)

Rear Projection Setup

*note* I made the colors so wonky so the different elements in this layout sketch would stand out. example; I not using an orange frame or blue wires.

A= The main Projector
B= The frame of my projection screen
C= A frame set up in front of the screen so the projector light does not bleed on top of it
D= The actual projection screen
E= The wires used to hang the frame in front of the screen

Rear Projection info.

imma do this