Friday, March 26, 2010

Creative Progress

So yesterday in my meeting with Katherine, I mentioned that I had some creative Ideas for effects to add to that flowing black stuff seen in some of my previous posts that involved adding in green screened hands reaching out and grasping among other things. Sooo, she said post it, and that what I'm doing =). Above is just screen shots of the original greenscreen footage and then some screen shots of me ploping into one of my project files in after effects and color keying it to fit. The export is taking longer then expected, so I decided to tenatively just post some still images while the computer exports the files. Also, when creating this effect, I found the hand to be slightly reminiscent of something Ive seen before. and when I thought about it, it turns out the look of this "hand effect" looks a lot like a movie poster for something I blogged about previously, the film antichrist. I guess maybe subconsciously thats where a bit of the inspiration came from. For you viewing pleasure I have posted an image of the poster below. Until tomm (when I post some installation testing footage) byes.

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