Friday, February 5, 2010

Video time!

I meant to post to this last night, but just my luck the internet at my apartment was down yet again. Then I meant to post it right when I got to school today, but then my web host was also I guess feeling a bit under the weather (aka not working). So now, I took Katherine's advice and started up a vimeo account.
Below are two test videos I did before actually shooting for my project that experimented with video treatment and speed.

The inspiration for this was primarily, but not exclusively since it has been done since then in different ways, from similar speed treatment found in the movie Jacob's Ladder. below is a link to the scene. The part with the speed treatment is at 1 minute and 16 sec. into the video
Since I did figure out how to upload videos onto blogger, and I'm using vimeo for something else, I have now attached the vids into this post:

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