Friday, February 5, 2010

Video Time Two!

I feel super smart. After opening a vimeo account and stressing over my web host, I just noticed the little video upload button right in the window I'm typing in. Well whatever the case, I'm posting below a ruff sequence of shots I did with the main actor for the piece. After watching this footage and some other I shot, I have figured out multiple times that I need some extra b-roll footage and some other things to be shot in addition to what I have to make this footage a tad more cohesive. Also, even more importantly I'd like to note that this footage had not been effected or processed and is not the way the final piece will look, but I feel that first I need a clean canvas (the whole piece shot and edited in proper sequence) befor I lay down the heavy effecting. So without further adue.... (Is that how adue is spelled?)

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