Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Plans and subtasks for Spring 2010 semester

Below is my Spring 2010 plans and subtasks for my piece. Any and all feed back is of course always welcome, Thanks!

Jan 21st:
Turn in finalized plans and subtasks calendar for Senior Studio II

Jan 23rd through the 24th:
Meet up with the main actor for my filming portion of the project and discuss final shots to be taken, the following weeks shooting schedule, final wardrobe selection and possible times for reshoots if needed.
Finish with specialized portions of the wardrobe such as the wardrobe for the alternate spooky characters and final planning, if not beginning shooting of B roll footage to be used in the piece.

Jan 25th through the 29th:
Shooting Set one of the main actor. There will be two separate, hopefully maybe even three, days of shooting.
After each shoot I must review the footage that night to see if it works and also most importantly to dump all of the footage onto a computer as well as one other type of storage device meant as a backup.
Also I will have to rent a lighting kit from the equipment room for the shoot.

Jan 30th through the 2nd:
Shooting of the other main portion of the piece, the alternate dark character that is the negative presence in the piece.
Similar to the previous shooting session, I will have to figure out the wardrobes for this shoot and also rent a light kit from the equipment room.

Feb 3rd through the 9th:
Compiling the footage that I had previously shot and place in it the proper sequence to be showed as my first Physical instantiation of the project.

Feb 12 through Feb 18th:
During this time If I am not happy with the way certain aspects of the previous shoots turned out or if there is any additional footage that I need to shoot I will take this time to shoot again.
Again I will have to rent a light set from the equipment room and use any of the same wardrobes and locations that I did in previous shoots as to have the new video match the old video.

Feb 19th through March 1st:
Through this time I will do two main things. I will compile any new video that I may have shot and add it in with my previous video sessions. After that task is complete I will take these times to further edit the video ad even begin to add in effects and video treatments to the video itself.

March 2nd through the 4th:
This is when my Midterm presentation for this second semester will be due. By this point I should have nearly all or all of the video shot and edited into sequence for the video portion of the piece. I should also have added at least enough effects to the piece that the two separate plotlines are aesthetically different enough to be viewed as two separate alter universes.
For the purpose of the presentation I will also have to create some complementary visuals to show and document the progress that I have made so far and how the piece has evolved, such as a brief slide presentation to go through before showing the video work I had completed up until then.

March 5th Through the 18th:
Throughout Spring break is when I will be putting together all the attributes for the Final Deliverable that will have to be handed in, along with also continually editing and refining the video I have captured even more.

March 18th Through March 29th:
Along with continuing to polish and refine my piece, the new task that I will be focusing on during this time is the installation of my video onto two separate screens that sync up in time with each other and also one main audio output.
This is when I will have to gather all the materials I need to take this from just a singular video work to a dynamic multiple screen video installation. I have in my possession two equal sized televisions and as an audio system to output the sound. As far as the actually system that will output the video to the TV’s, at this time I do not know exactly what technology I will utilize to do that, As of know I think that a computer to output the video and probably the audio as well might actually work out best.

March 30th Through April 1st:
This is went the last Physical instantiation of the project before the absolute final installation. By this time I should have the whole video complete, or at least more then 90% complete, with the exception of maybe a few minor upgrades left to implement. The video should by this point also be playing back and forth between two screens in proper time.

April 2nd to April 29th:
This last month with is used for tying the nearly completed project all together and refining it to the point that I am completely happy with the final result. Also during this final month additional things besides just the core of the project (the video) will be created to complement the project as a whole. These things include, first and foremost the projection to be shown onto the installation space as well addition media such as the creation of promotional postcards and also the possibility of a complementary website. By the last week or so of the month of April the piece should be completed and I should just be focusing on minor aspects of the installation such as placing it in space just the right way or updating the possible promotional website with content.
I will have to rent or borrow a projector from somewhere not just for the final piece but also well before the piece is shown as to test out my project ideas. Some extra things that I will have to purchase are things such as paying for the post cards to be printed. As for the website, I already own domain space, so that is a purchase that is already been made.

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