Saturday, November 21, 2009

storyboardish type thingy

above is just 6 of the 20 something slides I showed earlier this week in senior studio. With the help of these story board type semi style compish images, I think I clearly conveyed a solid summary for the plotline of my senior piece, and because of that, I got allot of helpful feedback from the class. My next step in the creative process is I am now taking these slides and turning them into an animatic, which I will definately post here upon its completion.

Also, if anyone would like to see all the slides again, I have zipped them together in the .rar file which I have a link to below. until later, bye.

whygod slideset #1 (38.8mb)

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  1. Hey Tom,

    Your project seems to be coming along nicely. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to come to class (being in Athens and all) so I haven't been able to see your project in full. It appears you are playing around in two different worlds, one where you exist, and one where the zombie like creatures come about. I like the idea of the meshing of these two worlds, and I think you will have a lot to work with their. It would be nice to read a brief summary of what exactly your project details (perhaps this exists somewhere but I have not found it online). I had the chance last month to see an amazing exhibit of a Danish graphic designer and artist. His name is Palle Nielsen, and while his aesthetic is a bit different from yours, his largest piece of work was a series that used the ancient myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. By using this narrative, he morphs the story into a dream he had about his wife, and touches on his own personal anxieties. I haven't been able to find a collection of his Orpheus series but if you do a google image search for him you will get an idea of his style.

    I am excited to see your project when I get back, it looks very intriguing.