Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In combination with the notes I wrote yesterday and this afternoon, tonight I finished up writing out approximately 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the main plotline that I am going to use for the narrative of my senior project. Since I write very quickly, sloppily and sometimes nonsensically when writing by hand, I also began transcribing/ translating these hand written notes out on the computer (part of the reason I included a "tom g notebook scan collage" image at the header of this post is as a visual aid in displaying how extremely sloppy my hand written notes are... that and I just find blog posts so much more interesting and eye-catching when they have an image at their header). By tomm. Or the day after that I should have a majority of my senior projects plotline transcribed and posted here along with multiple production notes I inserted in while writing it (aka, specific details on the aesthetic/ camera angle/ effect treatment for any given portion of the narrative). For now since I know this post in combination with my presentation so far have exposed very little of the narrative in terms of specifics, I'll give a very quick synopsis of the story line I plan to portray in the piece:

Through the scope of two parallel and simultaneous story lines I plan to follow a one main protagonist and show the course of one day in his life through both the viewpoint of a 3rd person or "real world" perspective and also through his own personal perspective which has been distorted with anguish, negativity, pessimism, despair and mental instability. The scenes of this main protagonists day that I have planned to be displayed in particular so far are the main character waking up, preparing for his day in front of the mirror, traveling to and from work and his experience while there, speaking with his significant other via telephone, sitting alone back home following these evens, drinking heavily as if in a self medicating reaction to his progressive delirium, praying desperately to God to be alleviated of this immense negativity he invasions his life through and finally the individual taking his own life. Each one of these events will switch back and forth between a very bleak but still grounded depiction of what is actually occurring and a dark and horrible perspective of these events seen by the main character. The piece concludes with God actually appearing in both the "real" and "dark unreal" portions of the piece in response to the main characters cries for help after the main character has already taken his own life, depicting that this surreal miraculous intervention of God himself has arrived “a day late and a dime short”.

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