Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Download this sweet sweet scrizipt

Below I have a link to the edited version of my script for my senior thesis, whygod. Yesterday I didn't know how to upload files on blogger and today I found out that I'm pretty sure you cant, so I had to host it somewhere else. Anyways the doc version of the script is segmented much better since I cant format the font and all that good jazz. Ok hope you enjoy/ understand it. Byes.

whygod script

(The image above is a conceptual sketch of the "masked men" characters in my piece.)
pretty soon, prolly tomm. or the day after that, I will collect up all the conceptual sketches I have drawn thus far and post them all together. These include the beginnings of story board sketches that I now have decided not to hand drawn but to create through photography and digital editing which Ill begin shooting this weekend. ok byes again.

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